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Originally Posted by Matt View Post
Since we know this isn't inspired of God, where do you propose that it is inspired from if it is not from hell?


Well, not everything we do comes "directly from hell" as TJ put it. We're not just puppets in the war between God and Satan. We have souls, we have minds, we have choice. Witness Lee said something interesting when covering the book of Ruth. I'll paraphrase: Ruth represents the good part of humanity.

That was an eye-opener for me at the time. I had never seen that humanity had anything other than a dark side, a fallen side. I was a Calvinist from day one. The trouble with that view is, the people of earth constantly prove it wrong. People do good things, selfless things. How about Pat Tillman, the former NFLer who decided to do something that was a higher calling than blocking linemen. He risked, and gave, his life for his belief in America.

Furthermore, Satan isn't, as has been pointed out here, omnipresent. Even his minions are limited in number. Do you really think every thought of ours is whispered into our ears by either demons or angels?

Actually, your view -- that our thoughts are either God-inspired or Satan-inspired -- really proves Lee's theory that Satan was injected into us at the fall.

At any rate, I reject the puppet theory of mankind. Men have a free will. We can think our own thoughts, make our own choices. True, we are the battleground between God and Satan, but even in a war there are many, many places where life goes on as if nothing has changed.

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