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Thanks Steel. That is a powerful testimony of following the Lord.

In periods where I had facial hair, or not, I always considered it before the Lord. Always follow the leading of the Spirit but I was not always clear or obedient especially in the matter of clothing.

One time I wore pants to a training that can only be described as “John Travolta Saturday Night Fever tight and stretchy”. I looked as if I had been poured into them. I wore them in many places but in packing for the training the Lord said “not those”. I kind of ignored the inner speaking. I packed them.

Then when we got to the first meeting (out of almost 30 in those days) the Lord really shined on those pants, which I happened to be wearing. Sitting on the second row near the front didn’t allow those pants or me to hide from His shining. The only other pants I had were worn Levi’s to travel in and I tried hard to get to a store but occasion to do it escaped me. The Lord was teaching me a valuable lesson for ten days. No one said anything to me but they didn’t have to and anything they could have said paled in comparison to the brightness of His shining about those britches. Later I came to appreciate that some things may be alright for me but for the sake others I need to have a broader consideration. In any case, those pants did not make too far after that if memory serves me. Their dancing days were over!

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