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Default Re: Our Journey to Elden in Jan 1971

Originally Posted by Lisbon View Post
The thing about the education was such a mystery to me. As some have mentioned, Lee seemed to be against education for a while and then a complete reversal. I think he was just training us to follow him absolutely without thought. Remember the "young gallilians?" That was one crazy time. He turned every thing over to the young ones for about a week and quickly picked the reins back up. It was all just an act.

Very insightful post! Another thing that Witness Lee said was that the Local Church would never have any kind of seminary. He did a complete reversal on that one as well with the establishment of "The Full-Time Training". which is now dubbed as "A two year post-graduate program". MMMM...a two year post-graduate progam....which is based upon biblical and religious studies....sounds a lot like a seminary to me! In fact I wouldn't be surprised if the LC/LSM tries to get the FTT accredited as a Christian seminary - albeit they will need assistance from the likes of Hank Hanegraaff and some liberal professors over at Fuller.
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