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Default Re: James Chu (NYC) -- With the Lord

Originally Posted by Koinonia View Post
The memorial meeting (earlier today) is viewable here:

James Chu was a long-time LC elder in New York City, along with Benjamin Chen and Ed Righton. He was notable as an "opposer" of Witness Lee and LSM after the late 1980s. He appeared to move more toward LSM leaders toward the end of his life. Speakers in the meeting include a number of LSM coworkers: Benson Phillips, Ed Marks, Rick Scatterday, Paul Wu, Ronnie Chan, Gerald Chan.
Why would editors from a book publisher fly to NYC for a funeral service?

Why wouldn't the other elders and local saints who knew him day-to-day for decades not speak instead?

Does the church really need long-winded messages at funerals?
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