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Default Re: Do they just disappear when you leave?

Originally Posted by JJ View Post
Thinking you will be left alone may be wishful thinking, because many do care for you, and have layers of endoctrination to discourage exiting.
As JJ says it is multi-faceted. Some localities are aggressive in tracking and management of group members, some are laissez-faire. Depends also if you have close family members in. If you are single without extended family it is much easier.

Many choose to physically relocate, start afresh. I did.

But JJ's last point is crucial: you have layers of indoctrination to shed. Of course that depends on how much you were "in". Many of us were in group housing and it was 24/7, for years. If I could do it over again, I'd be much more conscious, deliberate, and forceful in removing the LC programming from my thinking.

Have you read the Jo Casteel page on Facebook? They had links to resources for those leaving. Some of them put up a website for ex-members. There are tools out there, to escape high-control religious groups. You are not alone.
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