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Default Re: LordsRecovery.Org Exposing the Christian Cult of Witness Lee's Local Ch

Originally Posted by OBW View Post
Yes, we are accountable for the lack of love. But the reason for the lack of love was that it was drained away from us through the pesha (see the thread on truth) of Lee. And that pesha came to include others who join with him to carry that draining out, and now take Lee's place as the ones who are breaking trust.
And of course leadership does have that accountability too, and according to scripture a higher accountability to lead us correctly. I am certainly aware how easily us sheep are influenced, especially when we're younger and less mature in our walk with the Lord.

Back then I had nothing to compare the LC with, other than the Free Methodist gathering I was saved through when a youngster. As someone recently (maybe on this forum) pointed out, they easiest way to tell if a stick is crooked is to place a straight one alongside it . . .
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