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Originally Posted by leastofthese View Post
I saw inconsistencies like this throughout my time with the LSM church. It is such an interesting comment “being trained or conditioned not to notice”. I also found that to be true in the LSM church. Also, if you did notice, you chalk that up to being in flesh, etc. and do not share.
We were in a system that was hyper-aware of all the failures of everyone else but oblivious to its own. For several years I afterward, I would sit in the Community Church and mentally bad-mouth everything they were saying and doing. It took me, literally, years to begin to listen for God's voice. I was so used to listening to the ministry.

Of course Pastor Bob down at the Community Church also is self-contradictory, and misses points from scripture, and commits illogical faux pas, and so forth. But Pastor Bob doesn't try to pass himself off as Today's Paul, God's Oracle and sole Deputy either. Pastor Bob doesn't quarantine people, and split up their families, if they begin to read other sources, and raise alternatives.

Originally Posted by Sons to Glory! View Post
WL thought he needed to "balance" things out. But in doing so he went a tad far
There's plenty that needs adjustment. WL wouldn't have gotten a movement together if there were not people looking for alternatives to the status quo (likewise WN in China in 1925-35).

But like poem of the woman who swallowed the fly, the corrective measures may be worse than the original problem. We should at least consider that possibility.
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