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Default Re: The Mormon Church is "The Church"?

Originally Posted by aron View Post
At least I'm not charging 50 bucks a head like your so-called apostle did.

I like the term "reasonable". It reminds me of the terms "genuine" and "proper"; the true meanings of which could only be sussed out by "the oracle" who had "the mantle". I'm pointing out the absurdity of the LC position. It's built on sensory experience of rhythmic calling and chanting and shouting and the commensurate thought-repression. If that makes you uncomfortable too bad. Maybe you should think about why that is so.

I get uncomfortable and alarmed when I see any brother wallow in the gutter and headed for the judgment loaded down with a truck load of offenses against members of the Body of Christ such as you have, Yet, please donít over value the impact of your slanders in this forum... what seems to you like a hurricane has really only blown over a lawn chair or two. The consequences of your deeds and actions will fall upon you and you alone. My warnings to you are like those who cry out when they notice a child walking through a busy intersection.

Itís okay to disagree. Brothers can and often do.....but youíve gone too far.

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