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Originally Posted by Drake View Post

Sure. Iíll even color it a little.

I believe Satan indwells our flesh in the virtual personified form of sin. The book of Romans makes it very clear that sin is and behaves like a person not a non sentient force like gravity. I do not believe that the archangel Lucifer indwells our flesh but do believe that he entered Judas and will do so again with AntiChrist. I also believe that we have inherited the sin nature from Adamís fall and that nature is depicted as serpentine in the incident of the brass serpent. Unlike every other man, the Lord Jesus did not have the serpentine nature in dwelling His flesh, only the form as a man so He is the brass serpent. I believe Peter was expressing the mind of Satan to resist the way of the cross as part of the sin nature within him.

There is no difference between what I believe and what brother Lee taught.

Drake, since you are clear about what WL taught can you answer these questions?

1. Do you believe the use of "Satan" to refer to the person of Lucifer, or generically to an adversary of the Lord, or would you interpret it differently depending on the context?

2. Was Satan crucified on the cross? If so, how since he didn't indwell Jesus flesh?

3. Judas is a type of the false prophet, not the antichrist. Why is it that Satan enters Judas here, but the antichrist at the end of the age?

4. You have quoted numerous verses concerning the personification of sin, equating it with an evil indwelling presence (though apparently not Satan). What is the difference between that personified sin and "the sin nature"?

5. In Matthew 8 the demons could not enter into the swine without the Lord's permission. Can we also assume that Satan could not enter into Judas without the Lord's permission?

6. If you agree that Satan entered Judas with the Lord's permission, can you explain what a person would do that would result in the Lord permitting Satan to enter them?
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