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Default Re: Deceptions on Campus

Originally Posted by clever sister View Post
Of course the club secretary has a specific role in the club, such as taking minutes at the annual meeting and ensuring all the paperwork for the club was in order. But I was never asked to do any of that. Instead I was asked to sign some paperwork to make it appear that the club was being led by students, when really it was being led by the full time serving ones.
Yeah I remember in my home locality it was usually a 'mature student' (i.e. a uni student in his 40s) who would fill that role in the club. A leading brother usually, or at the very least, one of the brothers who attended the important 'brothers meeting'.

Originally Posted by aron View Post
We (FTTA trainees) were told to ignore the sick and the poor, the widows and orphans, and anyone else who couldn't repay us in this age. Instead go after the "good building materials", especially Caucasian college students. Is that the gospel.
No, I don't believe it is. We were told the same thing. Before I joined the LCM I had a thing, a 'little ministry' you could call it with the homeless in my city. They all knew me and many of them had gotten saved through me. They'd pray with me every time we saw each other and one guy really experienced the Lord and started groping my back looking for wings. But all that was to go in the rubbish bin when I joined the LCM because these homeless were not fit for attending the meetings, let alone the carrying out of the work. I was disappointed but obedient and soon forgot about the homeless brothers, focusing on the campus students.

Originally Posted by clever sister View Post
I'll say Australia/New Zealand. The practises in the 2 countries are similar, and both countries campus works led to the FTTH.
Yeah I graduated from FTTH. You'll probably know who I am now lol, not many FTTH grads by the name of Brad.
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