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Default Re: Witness Lee's teaching on women

Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
How many marriages in the LC's have failed because we brothers brought these pathetic attitudes home from the "Brothers' Meeting?" Should not Ron Kangas aspire to become a pattern of well-speaking to all the saints? Did not Paul instruct us, "to let no corrupt word out of your mouth, but only what is needful for building up, to give grace to the hearers?" (Eph 4.29) Kangas' flippant remarks here only serve to tear down the moral character in young LC brothers.
May be it also relates to how the leaders themselves view marriage. I don't know much about this area, but when I watched the following youtube video talking about how WL married his second wife sister Lee (5:00 to 10:00 in the video), I simply didn't understand what WL was thinking. And I was disturbed when I heard the laughters in the video.

Looks like RK also remarried last year a middle-aged sister after his wife Susan passed away in 2016. (Not 100% sure. Got this from a google translated fellowship message from RK in early 2017.
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