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Something that I wish LC members could come to understand is that there are other groups out there who share the same view that WN taught, however, they simply can't allow a business located in Anaheim, CA to run their church.
These "other" groups are not lacking in the so-called High-Peak Truths as LSM would have you to believe -just WL particular slant on "Truth", minus all the LC lingo such as "Processed God" and the like. Terms like this de-personalize God giving Him the same personality as a kitchen blender. Let's face it; this terminology is odd and I for one was never comfortable with it even while I was in the LC. I could never bring myself to thank the Lord because He was processed, although I do not have any issue with what it means.

When the Apostle Paul was saved he did not confer with flesh and blood for three years. He goes on to tell us of receiving direct revelation from the Lord Himself as an Apostle who has "seen" The Lord. The evidence of this is the profound revelations of the mysteries of God and Christ that were revealed to him and that he passes on to us in his unique letters. Not once does he describe these mysteries using strange terminology. I don't believe that the Lord ever told Paul that He was "processed" or that Paul must "Take the ground" or that Paul must understand the "Seven-fold intensified Spirit". Take away the strange lingo and the LC has nothing more than what has already been revealed and known by other groups. With the LC there is the additional layer of mysticism - thus their man becoming God teachings. However most of the Mystics taught oneness and union of will and not "becoming God".
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