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Default Re: How Much To Throw Out?

Originally Posted by UntoHim View Post
Excellent question. After all these years out of the Movement (about 20yrs now) my observation and experience tells me that it is different things for different people. For one brother or sister the leaven may be certain practices, such as pray-reading or calling on the Lord, which actually may hinder their growth in the Lord. For another brother or sister it may be the inability to meditate on the Word without the use of "the ministry" or the RCV footnotes. For another it may be the inability to worship or receive anything significant from the Lord without being in a corporate setting.

Of course the most significant leaven, in my view, is the over estimation and appreciation for the person and work of Witness Lee. In my observation and experience, this is also the hardest thing to "purge" from the heart and minds of Local Churchers, especially those who have been in the Movement for any significant period of time. So much of "the glorious church life" was/is based upon and intertwined with Lee's person (his special place and authority among the members) and Lee's work (aka The Ministry). Outwardly, most LC members strongly deny any such dynamic exists, but when you hear them speak, individually or in the meetings, their constant gushing out of appreciation and even adoration for Lee and his ministry belies any denial of what is so painfully obvious to even the most casual observer.

Finally, the purging of the leaven takes time...lots and lots of time. After 20 years I'm still purging. For some of us, some leaven was so ingrained within our hearts and minds, we will probably take it to our graves. The best and most effective purging comes from God himself. "The washing of the water with the Word".(Eph 5:26) Praise Him! We have the Spirit and we have the Word! And we have each other. This is what this forum is all about.
Thanks, Unto Him. I agree with your answer, with exception to totally throwing out calling on the Lord and pray reading. Both have biblical basis, and when biblically practiced render much benefit. But, I have thrown out mindless and Spiritless calling on the Lord and pray-reading, and thinking they are the magical answer to all that has been promoted and too often practiced in the Lord's recovery. I like to ask Jesus into my every situation and thought by invoking His name, and taking the word by means of all prayer and petition to this day (also after being out for many years).
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