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Default Re: My Views and Stance on The Recovery

The problem with the Local Churches of Lee is that they got us to take our eyes off Jesus Christ and focus on the Church. It went under other guises, like the Body, the Work, the Ministry, the Move of the Lord, God's current speaking, the Deputy Authority, and the New Jerusalem (among other things). But in all of it we got pushed away from our relationship with our Savior and became dependent upon other things. The approval of the so-called apostle, which turned out to be arbitrary and capricious indeed, became a stand-in for our Savior's voice.

Then by the time you realize something is wrong it is hard to find your way out because where did Christ go? You start thinking, What will people think?

Remember when you first believed? Some of your worldly companions were dismayed, but you didn't worry about what they thought, because of your joy over finding Christ. Why should you think otherwise today? The journey remains the same: find Christ, and obey. The scriptures lie open before you. Find Him, and follow.

Not that I don't sympathize with the ones posting here. I am just saying that I believe the solution is the same as it always has been. There are millions of problems in this world, and getting ensnared in legalistic and lifeless religion is certainly one of them. But the solution, and the Savior, remains the same. That never changes.
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