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Default Re: Any Good Writtings Besides the Local Church?

Originally Posted by countmeworthy View Post
No kidding Ohio!! You are so right!! It's no wonder few Christians (at least in my circle) truly know how to grasp the Word of God. J Vernan McGee's manner of teaching is timeless and he never makes you feel you are following a man.

In any case, seems to me, too many Christian people even today prefer to follow a man instead of getting to know the LORD through the Holy Spirit's guidance and the Anointed Word of God, Living and Operating in us.
I agree that Israel did not know the Lord as Moses did, neither were they privileged to see Him, and perhaps mankind is forever plagued by those who alter the truth into a lie, worshipping the creation rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. (Romans 1)

Perhaps the most crucial words we can embrace during the trials to come are "by faith." Hebrews 11 displays these two words as the ultimate secret of all the men of God before us, they also passing thru untold trials on this earth.

Our little "faith," a word so despised by the world's elites, uniquely has the power to open the door into all the eternal blessings and promises of God. Never forget to "hold faith and a good conscience." (I Timothy 1)
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