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Default Re: Any Good Writtings Besides the Local Church?

I still have never had the desire to watch 4+ hours of the Ten Commandments. But last night I saw the last 15-20 minutes so that I was on the right channel for the (delayed) 10 pm news. At that point, God was writing the tablets for the first time, and the Israelites were busy making a golden calf. So there is a serious reckoning, the remaking of the tablets, the approach to the good land (the 1st time) and 40 years of wandering in the desert all compressed into 10 minutes. Based on the place in the story when
turned it on, I was expecting to find that there had been some 1.5-hour-long press conference that interrupted the movie and put everything behind.

But that was not the case. After 4 hours of endless details, we get the actual namesake of the movie plus 40 years of additional history compressed into a 10-minute footnote. Go figure.

I know. I would make a terrible movie critic. But this reminded me of seeing the original Shop Around the Corner (w/ Jimmy Stewart) and realizing that they did the same thing. Squandered too much time on early plot and had to have someone tell much of the story as a look-back in about 3 minutes at the end.
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