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Default Re: The Supplied Life -Bill Freeman, April 3

Originally Posted by Indiana View Post
The way to relate are to one another in the Body of Christ is by having a thorough dealing with the world and not being conformed to this age. How do you relate in the Body? The Body is 100% a matter of life. It is organic and it only responds to life. It only receives life.

Anything that is not life it rejects. So if there is anything of the world in us, any conformity to the age, then in that degree we will not know how to relate in the Body.

The Body is not something organized. It is not something we merely mentally grasp. We apprehend the reality of the Body by experiencing Christ as our life.

To relate in the Body by life, our minds need to be renewed, our thoughts need to be renewed. The renewal of our mind and our thoughts is related to our dealing with the world and not being conformed to this age. Whenever there are dealings with the world, dealings with this present evil age, dealings over what our hearts are riveted to, there is a quickening among us concerning the reality of the Body. However, if the Body is not that real to us, it may be due to our lack of dealing with the world. If we have not dealt with the things that possess us, and instead have closed out light and life, the Body will not be that real to us.
These kinds of teachings are idealized theories not based on the scripture. Look at the Galatians. They began by the Spirit, yet were bewitched by Judaizers. Were they not the "body of Christ?" Sure they were! Yet when "anything that is not life" came to them, they took it. Same thing happened to the LC's. They took what ever was fed to them because it was uniquely called "life."

Bible says "he who has the Son, has the life." Apostle John also confronted this kind of "body-life-talk" and rejected it. Without Christ our Head, the body on earth will swallow any kind of nonsense. Church history confirms what I say. That's why we were never called to focus on "life" or "the body."

Of course our minds need to be renewed by the Spirit, but not so that we can "relate to the body in life," but as the Bible instructs, we need our minds renewed so that we can love one another in Christ.

Look at the Recovery! Nobody talks about "life" more than they. Yet no one is more judgmental than they. How can one love when he constantly judges another. Romans 12.2 speaks about the renewing of the mind, not to "relate to the body," but to prove the will of God; not to "relate to the body," but so that we do not think more highly of ourselves than we ought.

The continued elevation and exaltation of both Nee and Lee throughout the Recovery is proof of how little the renewing of the mind actually exists there.
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