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Default Re: Any good writtings beside LC?

Originally Posted by countmeworthy View Post
Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to anointed books and you tube teachings on the The Holy Spirit, Who He is, His Function, the Power of the Holy Spirit, the Power of the Blood of Jesus, the Anointing of the Holy Spirit, entering the Presence of the Lord.

Remember.. we all have a measure of the Spirit...
I would second this, that is, asking Him to lead you to good sources. I did this, in utter desperation, back in 1998. I was at a local, very large, Christian bookstore and was searching and searching. I did find a lot of superficial books that were little more than Christianized self-help books, or focused on human actions (with a little of Christ's name thrown in here and there to make it sound spiritual). But eventually I was wonderfully led to John Piper's book, "Enjoying God."

Through that book I came into an enjoyment of the Lord that really watered my parched soul, and through that strength was led to start fellowship and gathering with ex-LC saints in my area. Through this experience I came to see and enjoy books from many ones not specifically part of the whole LSM thing. I also learned to enjoy fellowship with all believers.

Currently I enjoy writings from TA Sparks, Hannah Whitall Smith, Bill Freeman (an ex-LCer) and others. They don't shy away from the experience of Christ and the mature word of the cross. (and sometimes someone in my fellowship may share Watchman Nee, and much more rarely, a snippet from WL)
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