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Default Re: Pledge of Allegiance to Witness Lee

Originally Posted by Igzy View Post
Just look at the world around you and see the variety. God is obviously a God of variety. He went to the trouble of making each snowflake different, each fingerprint different and each personality different. Why do that just to "blend" us all together? Especially to all be like Witness Lee, of all people!

Think about that. Eternity where everyone is just like Witness Lee! Don't sound like heaven to me!

Speaking of words we hate, how about "blend?" Blend is bland. Blend is blah. Blend is blech. God's none of those things. He likes variety.

"We repudiate all differences." What a retarded mentality!

I'll stop. This is about the time I start thinking about using colorful language.

I don't want to get away from the OP of this thread, but "blending" is one of my big pet peeves. "God has blended the body together" is not about "blending away the differences"'s about care for the members around us. A human body where all the different and distinct members' differences were blended away would be GROTESQUE and non-functional.

The other verse used to support the "blending away the differences" is 1 Cor. 10:17 about we being many are one bread, but this is again ludicrous. There is no recipe in the world that states "we have to put the grains in the blender so they will be identical to each other". This is about our unity and oneness, NOT our complete lack of distinction from each other.

No wonder LCers who leave don't even know who they are sometimes.
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