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Default Re: Pledge of Allegiance to Witness Lee

Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
Anaheim got stood up by Cleveland. It was a competition. Cleveland, unknowingly, was supposed to let Anaheim win, so that WL's perfecting skills would not be shamed by TC's. It was all about who got the glory.
Right - who got earthly glory & who got earthly shame. Jesus taught that those who sought the glory of men would not get it from God.

WL's defenders may say I'm picking on his terms, and that he wasn't a native English speaker - so what if he used the word "giant" to indicate relative size or stature or advancement or capacity? I mean, really! Right?

First of all, those who are "giants" in this age will be "dwarves" in the next, whatever your terminology. That's basic Christian teaching.

And some native English speakers should have pulled him aside and discreetly counseled him on his unfortunate choice of words, and the particular biblical associations with the word "giant". The "spiritual giants" in the OT were aka "Nephilim". Any fundamentalist would know this. And we were nothing if not that, in the LC... Earths Earliest Ages and all that.

Oh, but I forget, mustn't let The Apostle lose face. He gets the glory, we get the shame. Rule #1: WL is always right. So, "giants" it was.

Then when WL passed, his closest acolytes told us from the dias that now "the age of spiritual giants is over". And not a minute too soon, I'd add.
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