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Default Re: Pledge of Allegiance to Witness Lee

Originally Posted by aron View Post
It's all about control. The so-called wise master builder (WMB) gets to determine who is "different" and who is not. It's entirely based on the subjective whims of the Deputy God. The WMB gets to decide if your differences are noteworthy or not. Good luck. Hopefully he doesn't notice you. Try to blend in, okay? Don't stick out. You might be called "different".

What if the 12 foundation stones of the New Jerusalem repudiated all differences? They might as well be cinder blocks.
Too Funny

You hit it when you said that "differences" were based on the "subjective whims of the Deputy God." Exactly!

This Pledge is all about bringing every worker, every member, and every church under LSM's control. Yeah but Lee said, "we are so free." And Lee said that he can't even "control a mosquito."

Lee wanted control because he was a real glory seeker. He loved the glory of men. That's why he put all others down. I remember this one story years ago. Brother LC was the Cleveland young people's leader at some Anaheim training, and he coordinated the saints for the testing time to review the previous message. Great test, great review. It was exciting, glorious, the whole place was rocking. Thousands of saints. Everyone ought to be happy right? Wrong! After the meeting TC took LC over to the corner and reamed him out. Why would he do that? Because TC knew that he would get it from WL the next day. Why wasn't WL happy about that great test? Because Anaheim got stood up by Cleveland. It was a competition. Cleveland, unknowingly, was supposed to let Anaheim win, so that WL's perfecting skills would not be shamed by TC's. It was all about who got the glory.
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