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Default Re: My experience as a church kid: Why I want out

Hi. I am currently in college too (currently doing my masters) and I left the LC in my second year. Luckily my family wasn't in it, so I can't give any advice. Since I left them I also haven't gone to any other Church (unwisely I know).

What drove me out was also some of the hypocrisy. Having read C. S. Lewis's Mere Christianity at the time I became very distrustful of the LC's exclusionary views of other Churches. Their odd philosophy, quasi-heretical views on the trinity and the realisation that I really don't know who they are drove me away. They also hinted a couple of times that I should join the training. Nope!

The only advice I can give is this: don't think you are alone in disagreeing with them or leaving them. Don't be afraid to say what you dislike about the LC to them. Some of them might even be understanding. And don't feel as though you are forsaking the Church itself.
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