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Default Re: Testimony of Lost Sheep

Originally Posted by UntoHim View Post
The only times I think I have "experienced" the Lord is when I am in times of need. However, is that truly an experience of Him or just the mind's attempt of creating moral support? When God answers prayers, how do I know it's not just a coincidence?
Kind regards,
Lost Sheep
Dear Lost Sheep,

The LSM has become a legalistic and doctrinal ministry that talks endlessly about the "experience of God" yet often seems void of what they teach. They have become quite similar to the Jewish religion we read about in the Bible. Like you, many of the Jewish people wondered if Jesus was who some said He was. The same cloudy environment which surrounded the Gospels still exists today.

But ask one of those hurting folks that was healed by Jesus, and there was no doubt in their minds. Like you, they were in need, and that need enabled their faith to break thru traditions, confusion, and doubts. Jesus visited them in their time of need, and it was no coincidence.

Jesus tends to respond to us out of our need or our love. Endless talk about Him usually just wastes our time. When I was in the LC's, I was bored with all the talk, endless teachings which did me no good. But when I needed Him, He was always faithful, and when I needed Him, I did not go to LSM's books, but to His word.
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