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Originally Posted by JJ View Post
My advice would be to keep paying attention to the warning signs you mentioned and don't do anything different than you already are.
One thing to do while we "watch and pray" concerning the situation is to read, and gain perspective. The Jews were "the people of the book" and we should follow that culture of learning, not for the sake of argument but to gain insight.

I earlier mentioned the European mysticism, English Brethrenism, the Boxer Rebellion and the Keswick Convention as being essential (imho) to understanding the formation Nee's thought-world, and why his thought-world expanded so rapidly across China in the 1930s as the "Little Flock".

Additionally, in order to understand Lee gaining a foothold in the USA, you have to see the Jesus Movement of the '60s and early '70s. Lee rode the wave, he didn't create it. For point of comparison, nearby in Costa Mesa CA the Calvary Chapel of Chuck Smith went from a handful of parishioners in 1968 to several thousands, eventually franchising to 1,500 "Calvary Chapels" across the world.
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