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Default Advice for friends

Hello, this is my first post here. I was hoping to get some advice from those of you who where once involved in the Local Churches. I suppose I'll start off with a little backround on how I got involved in the LC.

I came into the LC already as a seasoned Christian. This was at a time I was without a church fellowship that I ran into a member of the LC. I decided to attend one of their meetings after kindly being invited.

What initially appealed to me was their claim that they were bible believing Christians, nameless, and non-denominational. I thought I'd give it a try because their mission statement and teaching of New Testament locality was particularly unique and curiousity got the best of me.

Since the first meeting, I've been for a short time, loosely involved with the Great Lakes segment of the LC that branched off from the LSM.

In the beginning things were great and everyone was warm and welcoming. I didn't pay much attention to all the weird stuff that went on there and brushed them off as being cultural for the sake of being open to learn and experience something new.

I have made a few friends in my time there that I've come to care for but I knew right from the start there were many things off about this church, nevertheless I felt the Lord had led me there for a reason, and because of the frienships that were formed I continued attending.

I've been there long enough to know how deeply rooted the culture of the LC is in most of the people's lives there. Many are generational and were raised in it from youth. Most have all their friends/family exclusively in the LC and there are many that solely rely on the church for livelihood.

What worries me is that I know how detrimental the LC's teachings (particularly the practice of relying on one man's interpretation of scripture) can be to those that are truly seeking the Lord Jesus Christ with all their hearts and desire a close and intimate relationship with him.

I've personally witnessed the strong subculture of deception and psychological manipulation that exists within the LC. It really seems to cultivate a deep mistrust in it's members. I believe that can ultimately carry over to one's faith. Judging from my personal experience and other people's testimonies here, that looks to be an accurate assessment.

I have no doubt the Lord can work through places like the Local Churches but I feel the environment within the LC limits believers to truly opening up and submitting their hearts to his plans and purpose.

I understand how sensitive a situation I am in and I know what it'll potentially cost someone to come to the truth of the LC but I do feel for those caught in the lies of this church.

Now that I've become a bit less involved in the meetings, many have become cold and distant toward me. There are some suspicious of me, well, probably because I don't conform like the rest of the group and it makes me stand out I suppose. I'm no stranger to spiritual warfare but man the juju from this place is strong.

I'm at a point now where I'd like to maintain fellowship with a few believers there but I no longer feel like it's a possibility outside the confines of their church.

I'd appreciate any advice on what approach to take. Whether it's being more candid and straight forward with my friends or step away completely and letting the Lord take over. Seeds were planted, I hope, but I'm afraid no matter whether I cut off from them or speak my mind without reserve I'll end up offending.

Ultimately, I would like to ask for prayer and I will do my best to allow the Holy Spirit to give me the wisdom and guidance that I need.

Thanks for listening.
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