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Default Re: "Promoting Reading the Publication of the Ministry Among the Saints"

Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post
Still, because of the ministry material, a young one in the Lord's Recovery can expound the scripture better than an old person in the average denomination. Having the ministry material puts all the other churches to shame. And furthermore, the young people are capable to stand up and speak. In most denominations, young people cannot do that.
There are all kinds of material available to indoctrinate young people if your goal is to fill them with theology. Any church could to that and they wouldn't need Lee's ministry to do it.

What most leaders have figured out is that doesn't work. What works is helping kids have a love for God and others. Inundating them with theology can just give them a false sense of spirituality--as it has done with (ahem) some people we know.

As for being able to speak in meetings, the LCM practice may teach kids to mindlessly repeat things they don't even really believe to get crowd approval. Not very healthy.
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