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Default Re: How Much To Throw Out?

Originally Posted by JJ View Post
I'm having a really hard time with throwing out "one church one city", as I see that is what the first generation of apostles established. I just don't think it has been practiced with the spirit of love and safeguards on apostles who fall in love with themselves and desire to lord it over the churches as the kings of the nations do.
JJ, "one church one city" is one of many things described in some places of the Bible but not prescribed. There are a number of places (cities) where it did not occur.

Acts 9.31 Church is singular for a region rather than plural churches.

Colossians 4.15-16 indicates that there was a church in Laodicea and also a church in the house of Nymphas.

Paul's letter to the Romans also identifies a church in the house of Prisca and Aquila. (16.5)

I Corinthians 16.9 identifies another church in the house of Prisca and Aquila.

Now we heard for years that these house churches were "one city one church" meeting in a house, but this is questionable and not definitive.
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