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Default Re: Was Witness Lee a Calvinist?

Originally Posted by leastofthese View Post
A “church” that isn’t known for its love - could it really be a church? Or just a place people gather to talk about their leader or all the stuff they “know”?
People love Christ and they love each other and you must be talking about prophesying which is what the bible says we should do, and no denominations do that. The act of prophesying is an encouragement/edification and that is a loving thing to do. Denominations where people listen for a 1 hour service then go home with nothing to say are not loving anyone except themselves because they go there to receive some spiritual benefit or service for themselves from the minister but don't give or contribute much themselves. That is why many denominational pastors cater to that, giving sermons about self improvement (in the area of health, finances, or family etc).
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