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Originally Posted by Jo S View Post
It is trinitarian except for this statement:

"The local churches believe that Jesus Christ, after being buried for three days, resurrected from the dead physically and spiritually and that, in resurrection, He has become the life-giving Spirit to impart Himself into us as our life and our everything"

So do you believe that, in Heaven, Jesus is a spirit? If so, then you are implying that Jesus lost all of his physical attributes and essentially changed modes after resurrection. I don't believe Orthodoxy teaches this point. It seems modalist in nature. That's why I say it seems like maybe a hybrid of both.

Please review Evangelicals explanation of modalism to better understand what it is.

There is a man in the glory with a resurrected glorified body. The last Adam became a life giving spirit and it is the spirit of the resurrected and glorified Jesus who regenerates our spirit when we believe into Him.

That is not modalism or a hybrid.

Research these matters according to the scriptures and draw your own conclusions. You have to rightly divide the scriptures and see it for yourself under His shining.

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