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Default Re: Poor, poor Christianity...

Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post
Unfortunately the phenomena of pop music influencing the church is not limited to the Episcopalian church or to Beyonce.

Here is a NJ church singing Adele:
You're on a roll of righteous self-indignation; why stop when you get to the LC? Why the special treatment, why the respecting of persons? God is not a respecter of persons; why are you?

Witness Lee is worshipped as a God in China. Not by 900 but by 900,000. How is it that a Bible expositor comes to be worshiped as God? What happened there? Perhaps that his ministry was a cesspool of self promotion, self aggrandizement and self exaltation? And that the Bible got dumbed down to a series of slogans that were questionable at best, the incessant shouting of which drove his acolytes batty? What really happened to the baby gods in the PRC?

"With what measure you measure, will you also be measured". Ever heard that one? A guy named Jesus said it. The Local Church of Witness Lee is a poster child for poor, poor Christianity. Too poor.

How does one go from "poor" to "rich" to "degraded" anyway? Maybe it was just a poor ministry, all along. So poor it didn't know it was poor, and said it was rich. "You say you are rich, but you don't know that you are poor" also comes to mind.

If you google "rich ministry lsm" you'll be surprised how many web sites they have pushing these concepts. They're rich like the RCC in owning real estate, and the bodies and souls of men. "Truly I say to you, they have their reward."
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