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Default Re: Poor, poor Christianity...

Originally Posted by UntoHim View Post
So Drake, Do you hate Anglicans or Episcopalians?
Originally Posted by Drake View Post
But if I did hate someone I would probably rail against them openly. You would definitely know it because I would use derogatory terms like “snobby, priggish, “etc. I would reacte to them with personal insults. Hate is a powerful emotion that drives people to do and say things that leaves civility behind.
Just a "No" would have sufficed. Frankly, the rest of your answer sounds more like O.J. Simpson's "If I Did It" than a simple, honest answer. Of course my inquiring was not totally innocent. I had a suspicion it would prick your conscience, and force you to play defense on your on your own "attack Christianity" thread. Easy pickins...shootin fish in a barrel.

Your original thesis in the OP is so faulty and full of holes that it's hard to know where to begin. In fact, you actually found a way to debunk your own claim while making the claim itself! I mean, who painted with a broader brush than Witness Lee? Whose critiques were any more misinformed and decidedly ignorant than Brother LǐChángshňu? And the red letter example of his sheer lack of awareness and stark unenlightenment is his infamous declaration "poor, poor Christianity". And to be sure, Lee NEVER, EVER made the kind of distinctions that our friend Drake is trying to make us swallow here. The context of Witness's claims were always thrown out with the widest net one could possible imagine. Any claim to the contrary is just self-serving revisionist history.
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