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Default Re: Poor, poor Christianity...

Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post
That's right, preach it. Even though some are obviously blinded to the mass degradation, those of us who came out of her see clearer.

Even though including Beyonce is sacrilegious, it gets worse, in my opinion and touches on spiritual matters beyond the outward signs of degradation such as gay marriage and female ordination.

There is also multi-faith meetings, meditation sessions, clergy members who also function as psychics, and free masonry is rife. Basically it is spiritualism and deism not Christianity.
It is really sad.

The hatred for Brother Lee is evident by the responses to this thread. Rather than acknowledge the awful setting up of Beyoncé in the worship, something that is only reserved for the Lord, detractors are making excuses for it! Instead attacking Brother Lee for rightly calling such stuff poor poor Christianity.

Even the Anglican Church refused to tolerate it any longer.

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