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Default Re: The Bible Answer Man Converts to The Eastern Orthodox Church!

Originally Posted by UntoHim View Post
My question was worded rather awkwardly.

Nevertheless, I think Drake or anyone else could simply have answered "no, there was not a church in Los Angeles", or "yes, there was a church in Los Angeles". Of course being the smart fellow that he is, he took advantage. Good for him.

I'll repeat:

Originally Posted by UntoHim
Everything that Drake has posted here sounds and smells EXACTLY like how a "denominational" church starts. They gather in the Lord's Name, ACCORDING TO THE TEACHINGS AND INTERPRETATIONS OF MERE MEN. In the case that Drake is explaining the mere men were Watchman Nee and Witness Lee. You see there already existed "the church life" in LA. There were already true Christian believers breaking bread in LA. Sorry but "a hunger for a deeper enjoyment" is a totally subjective thing and does NOT define what is and what is not "the church in Los Angeles".

Maybe Drake or Evangelical could address what I have posted above. Feel free to correct my grammar or oddly phrased questions as you feel necessary.

First off, I am not playing word games or trying to take advantage. Your response to me was stated in such a way that it was clear you wanted a binary answer. You were at the moment the forums Lt. Daniel Kaffee ready to take mean ol' Jessup down. "Yes or no" means don't mess with you. Any attempt to tamper with the question would have been met with the usual howls of disapproval. You know exactly what I mean.

Yet, your question above asks "what is and what is not "the church in Los Angeles"... but you realize that is not the question you asked me in your oddly worded question.... rather, you asked "why".. so there again I attempted to answer the question "why?". I gave you a reasoned response to "why" but I could have just said "because God willed it!" or "who can tell of His mysterious ways?".

So to answer your "what is or what is not".. the answer is that every christian in Los Angeles is a member of the church in Los Angeles regardless of where they attend and where they go. Yet that is not the complete story is it? If we left it there we would not be here. Do you want to talk about that or is it easier to just dismiss it as a 3000 year old example from the Old Testament which has no bearing?

Please enlighten us who met in Los Angeles on the basis of the unity of believers as the church separate from the confluence of people and events I mentioned. Every denomination breaks bread so apparently there is more to it than that.

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