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Default Re: The Bible Answer Man Converts to The Eastern Orthodox Church!

Originally Posted by Drake View Post
OBM"Only people assemble. And there would be no excommunication of a member of an SBC for meeting, even somewhat regularly, with and AOG assembly. And doubtful that such would happen for an RCC member also meeting with any of the others."

OBW, its about the denomination as an entity. It is not about individual members going here or there. That is not a problem... usually.

If the denomination does not stand for something unique then why do they exist as a separate entity?

Of course, they stand for something unique. Ask them!
As does your group. Your claim that the LRC is not a denomination is made a lie by the control from a headquarters in Anaheim. And it has even violated your own rules by declaring that it is, collectively, The Local Churches. They go to court in this collective name. And they rely on support of lawyers from Anaheim to fight their legal battles to extract property from the people who have continued to meet in that property, relying on evidence that the collection of groups is grounds for these that no longer join with them losing their property.

Either the church with no name and no headquarters exists and has its "say 'Amen' if you agree to go on as we did last year" business meetings, or it has a strict rule about who is in charge no matter what the people there say. Either it has its own property and cannot be sued as long as the membership says "amen" to whatever they say "amen" to, or it is a denomination, even having a name. "The Church in Dallas" is part of the denomination "The Local Churches" with headquarters on La Palma in Anaheim. Same for the Church in Seattle, in New York, in Miami, and even in Anaheim. They are not separate assemblies that choose to gather, but rather dependent assemblies who cannot choose otherwise.
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