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Default Re: The Bible Answer Man Converts to Eastern Orthodox Church!

Originally Posted by Ohio View Post

I found it quite interesting to read both Norm's and Koinonia's accounts of how LSM solicited ole Hankygraft's glowing endorsement of their ministry. For the right price, one can buy most anything.
Isn't money quite the common denominator when it comes to Living Stream Ministry? It's been speculated for years for CRI to come out with the "We Were Wrong Article", there was a dollar figure attached to influence CRI to write such an article.
Now with Hank's conversion, the attitude may be "there's nothing to see here." To ask any questions, "you're on the wrong tree". Why Hank didn't become a LC member, "he didn't have the vision". That's usually the attitude for anyone who meets, but doesn't remain in the local churches.
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