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Default Re: The Bible Answer Man Converts to Eastern Orthodox Church!

Originally Posted by Norm View Post
Just finished listening to both portions on the Bible Answer Man. What a snow job. Take Hank H. around the world. Wine and dine him. Let him speak in your meetings and even speak about quoting the Bible. Get two hours of HH helping you sell your package.

Behind the screens, quarantine Titus for speaking differently and promoting the Bible. Use lawyers, lawsuits and courts to drive out the believers you do not feel are one with the program. Publicly talk about the seeking of oneness with all the believers.

After what I have passed through this was utterly revolting. I do not like smiley faces; but, if I had one puking I would use it. Sorry for my graphic frankness.
I found a smiley for Norm --
Originally Posted by Koinonia View Post
LC coworkers invested a ton of effort and resource into actively wooing Hanegraaff for years, wining and dining him, jetting him all over the world visiting churches in China, Taiwan, Korea, Europe, and around the US, giving him reserved seating at conferences and trainings (even joining coworkers meetings), instructing members to pray for him and his dwindling radio ministry, coaching him in theosis.

And after all that, Hanegraaff rejects the LC and joins Eastern Orthodoxy. That's embarrassing.
I found it quite interesting to read both Norm's and Koinonia's accounts of how LSM solicited ole Hankygraft's glowing endorsement of their ministry. For the right price, one can buy most anything.
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