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Default The Bible Answer Man Converts to Eastern Orthodox Church!

Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post
Hank joining the Eastern Orthodox church says a lot about the state of degraded Christianity.
You might as well have said that the hail storm we experienced early Tuesday morning says a lot about the state of the Trump administration.

The fact is that there have been changes of affiliation of significant persons over time and they do not mean anything other than a perception of something that cannot simply be boiled down to anything as simplistic as "degraded Christianity." But if you think that is a reason to change to the EOC, then why aren't you moving? I have enough experience with the LRC to say with confidence that there is much degradation there. I would say that this is evidence that it is simply part of Christianity. But I do not think that Christianity is really so degraded as the LRC thinks.

In fact, significantly less. Or more truly, not really much degraded. It is still the church and to speak in such a negative way about it says more about the one speaking than it does about the church.
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