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Default Re: Christian Research Institute - Hank Hanegraaff

Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post
Hank joining the Eastern Orthodox church says a lot about the state of degraded Christianity.
And just what state is that? Hank's decision is only notable because he purports to be an evangelical Christian apologist. If he doesn't identify as an evangelical Christian then he has no place speaking on the behalf of evangelical Christians.

Personally, I don't care what group he associates with. We have a poster here who is Orthodox. It doesn't bother me one bit.

The issue with Hank is that he was lauded as an evangelical Christian who was willing to speak on behalf of the LC. Now it is questionable as to whether or not he ever sought to represent the views of evangelical Christians. If an Orthodox Christian or a Catholic were to affirm the views of the LC or WL, it really isn't saying anything. WL's strongest criticism was reserved for such groups. Do you not see the irony in this?
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