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Default Re: Christian Research Institute - Hank Hanegraaff

Update 4/10/17. On his radio broadcast the day after his chrismation, Hank responded to a caller regarding his conversion. Basically he said that he has been attending an Orthodox church for over two years, based on an experience many years ago while in China, where he saw simple people living the Christian life in an enviable way. This led him to study Watchman Nee and what he wrote on the subject of theosis, which since then has deepened his love for Christ. And to prove he is still a Christian, he recite the entire Nicene Creed. Regarding his ministry he also said that he will continue to promote mere Christianity, based on this Creed, which is a principle of C.S. Lewis, just as he always has.
Like Ohio mentioned, it seems that something about Hank's interaction with the LC resulted in a dramatic shift in his views. Interestingly, this shift was not towards the LC, but towards something more 'structured'.

According to the quote, Hank likes the concept of theosis. Of course, this is a teaching/idea that LCers would love to lay claim to, so it begs the question of why he would find the concept more desirable as it is understood in a non-LC group. The irony of it all is just so striking.
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