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Default Re: Christian Research Institute - Hank Hanegraaff

A couple of years ago, family members told me that Hank Hanegraaff was writing a book about his experience with the LC. I did some digging online and came across this, apparently never published but scheduled for publication in August 2015: The Authentic Christian Life: Moving from Doctrine to True Intimacy with God.

Simultaneously released in China and the United States, this revolutionary book brings into view a fresh expression of authentic New Testament Christianity, unencumbered by westernized cultural trappings. The Authentic Christian Life lovingly moves us from doctrine to intimacy with the living God.

Drawing from multiple experiences with persecuted Christians in China, Hanegraaff radically rethinks what it means to live the authentic Christian life. Inspired by Watchman Nee's classic, multi-million bestseller, The Normal Christian Life (1957).
It is interesting that this was never published, particularly in light of Hanegraaff's conversion to Orthodoxy. And no matter what LC leaders might say, Hanegraaff's converting to Orthodoxy is a conscience rejection of the LC.
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