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Default Re: Life after the LC

Originally Posted by awareness View Post
Well maybe so, but I know brothers, and sisters, that left the LC and admitted they were gay -- and a couple that are gay, that are still in the LC, and deep in the closet (including an elder that was slipping out for tricks with boys) -- that I learned from, that being gay is not a choice.

We're born with our sexual orientation, like the color of our skin, eyes, hair, and height. So I doubt that the dating rules caused them to be attracted to the same sex. But like the RCC the environment may have provided a convenience for it to happen.

From what I've seen close up, like with Christian family members, Jesus has no affect on our sexual orientation, no more than He does to our height, skin, eyes, etc.
Harold, seriously? So if you are born with a bad temper, or a tendency to lie, or a weakness for too much alcohol, or a mean streak, then that makes those things okay as well?

Nature doesn't determine morality. Nature is supposed to submit to morality. The whole principle of being spiritual is that we rise above our animal instincts.

Jesus came to save us. What did he come to save us from if not our fallen nature? Jesus has no affect on our sexual orientation? He can affect anything he wants to.

Homosexual behavior is just one more sin, like lying, stealing, pride or being mean to people. The fact that you are born with a predisposition towards it is evidence of the fall, not that it's okay. If our tendencies were indication of what is permissible then that would mean men could have affairs with every attractive woman we lay our eyes on, since that is what we tend to want.

Let's stop falling for the cheesy, half-baked philosophies of the world.
Courage is not the absence of fear. It's doing the right thing in the face of fear.
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