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Seems like people dont read their bible the LC doesnt have rules about dating the bible does.
LC rules aren't necessarily spoken, unless it's in regards to something like the FTTA (no unnecessary contact with the opposite sex). Like aron said, rules come mainly through "fellowship". There was a situation in the LC that I'm from where an elder didn't like a couple dating each other, because he though they weren't a good match. I will spare you the details, but he tried to break up the relationship (unsuccessfully). This is called manipulation, like it or not.

It's not that leaders shouldn't give reasonable advice in regards to relationships, but when they step it, it can be very problematic. Every wonder why there are so many outsiders that attribute certain undesirable labels to the LC? This is why. There are many situations where those in the LC could learn to be a bit more "normal" about things. This means not being so "legalistic" about getting everyone to try to fit a certain standard.
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