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Default Re: Life after the LC

Originally Posted by Intothewind View Post
Thanks all for the support

Untohim: I did have a talk with my cousin who also left(and found out about relatives and history that was for the most part hidden from me when I was a child. haha) she took me to a place she found and enjoyed. Again, I loved meeting the people there and all, but at this point my heart just isn't in it anymore-no hunger if so to speak. So I would feel bad going just for the people since to them it is clearly more than that.

I've done some serious soul searching and in truth my outlook on the world would be closest to naturalism(no need for any supernatural being or happenings) and even humanism. I do realize if that is the case then most on here won't really have advice for the path of not being a Christian.
Intothewind indeed then. Now I see what your name implies. I wouldn't worry about what any out here might have to say. We're just people on a forum out in cyberspace.

Fret not. I have exLCer friends that decided to let go of all the added complexities that considerations of God, and all that supernatural world brings. And they're happier than they were while in the local church.

I'm presently reading "The Passion of the Western Mind: Understanding the Ideas that Have Shaped Our World View" by Richard Tarnas. A phenomenal book. You might enjoy it too.

And just because you let go of God doesn't mean God let's go of you. Something is sustaining the awareness reading these words. And that's a mystery that doesn't allow us to honestly discount all possibilities.

Would you be so kind as to keep us updated. You might enjoy a second forum UntoHim has been so gracious as to provide for Alternative Views. It's passworded, as displayed. Ask for it. Come down and join us there. I heard there's neopaganists, native Americans (dirt lovers), pantheists, and New Agers down there ... but haven't confirmed it.
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