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Default Re: Life after the LC

Originally Posted by Freedom View Post
I have personally seen church kids who were manipulated by people in the LC, such that situations came up where the parents should have stood up for their children and set their foots down. Instead, they valued a good standing in the LC, over taking care of their doing what was right for the needs of their children.
If you want to know how exclusive church systems can damage families and children, one must take a look at the exclusive Brethren. They are ahead of the Recovery in this "journey" by about 100 years.

One such "speaking" from the Lord's present day "oracle" among the "Peebs" was a distortion of I Cor 5.11 -- if a family has a child who is an unbeliever over 12 years of age, the parents can NOT even sit at the table to eat with their child.

Imagine what damage that new "law" did to the family.
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