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Default Re: Life after the LC

Originally Posted by Freedom View Post
By the way, the irony behind this all is that as saints get older, buddy-buddy relationships are strongly discouraged. WL calls natural relationships "honey" and says their should be no natural affection in the church life. I have heard the BB's speak to this effect multiple times. When I see that the older saints don't do as much together like the YP, I don't feel so bad about losing some of the relationships that I have lost.
You have said a lot, and have great insight Freedom. We left in our fifties, and one of my wife's chief complaints was not having any real friends. The Recovery redefines what being a brother or sister means, and the friendship side of it is basically eliminated.

I encourage you to take inventory of, or "treasure hunt" all the positive things of your upbringing as you slowly step away from the system. Instead of missing out on Xmas, present it as being saved from all the commercialism. I believe this habit saves us from any bitterness.
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