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Default Life after the LC

To continue the discussion from the lurkers thread, since now with an account I can't really consider myself a lurker.

So far one difficulty is deciding who and to what extent to keep ties with. I have decided that anyone who I can have a genuine conversation with, who have admitted to troubles that we have talked about in a real way(and also who then were open, receptive, and nonjudgmental to hearing me talk about why I no longer wish to meet), and who I otherwise enjoy spending time with I will continue to seek out even if they are meeting with the LC. My boundaries will be any attempts to encourage going to a meeting.

I have already had a few frank discussions with some folk that I am simply not interested in attending so and so YP meeting, despite badgering to attend to "see everyone that misses you". The excuses are something along the lines of everyone their "being busy" and that they would really like to see me.
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