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Hi Oldtimer,

Welcome to the forum; glad you are here.

To your comment about the local elders not being obvious authority figures....

1. In one sense I can picture exactly what you mean and understand what you are saying. But on the other hand, I think a large reason is because "the ministry" has brought the elders into submission to it. The elders don't appear to have authority because they don't! "The ministry" is what has the authority in the local church and the elders have to bow their heads to it.
2. The ministry states pretty un-misunderstandably that the elders are "God's deputy authority" and you have to submit to them whether right or wrong. So again, the saints don't give the appearance of submitting to the elders authority, because the saints are actually already submitted to the ministry which tells them to be in a state of submission toward the elders.
3. Numerous saints have experienced what seemed like sweet, gentle, non-authoritarian elders.......until something wrong genuinely occurred in the church. Then the elders become different people there to protect an image and a ministry, and toss the hurt saints aside like they are nothing. If you try to stop that kind of treatment, you'll butt up against "authority" very quickly (and not the Godly kind).

The saints can be very sweet and guileless.....towards those in their little group. But if you leave or have a differing opinion or don't agree with something.......they don't know what to do and often freeze out or shut down on you. Some saints have had to leave the church and the number of phone calls from saints IN the church reaching out to them is.....a big fat zero.

I don't want to make sweeping generalizations, though. There are saints in the church who are shining examples no matter what.

No church is perfect. While there may be churches who willfully continue in error like the one you described, the local church refuses to even entertain the thought that they might be in error (which they are, in a long list of ways). Which is better? Neither.
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