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Hi Oldtimer,

Welcome to the forum. Watchman Nee certainly was both popular and influential in the Jesus movement circa 1965-1975. He was subjective, and people "felt" his words as much as received them intellectually.

The people on this forum were in one of the off-shoots of the Watchman Nee "little flock" movement in China that moved abroad, named the Local Church aka Lord's Recovery. (They, like Nee, insisted on 'no names' & thus used several)

They were run by a man named Witness Lee until his demise in 1997, since then the group has fragmented into hostile camps. Witness Lee forced all the LC groups affiliated with his ministry to rely exclusively on his material, with him as author, editor, and publisher. After he died it imploded.

It turns out that he set up businesses run by his unspiritual progeny to extract funds from church members, set other children over the LC as administrators through his publishing house (which had monopoly over the LC assemblies), and which children abused the believers.
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