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Default Re: How do you leave without making a scene?

I don't think you owe an explanation to anyone but I completely understand feeling like one is necessary.

I think the easiest is to say you and your wife are following the Lord's leading.

If you give any other reasons there will be an argument, things will likely be said. If someone criticizes or questions you when your reason is "obeying the Lord" they look like the idiot, narrow and everything else.

It might be easier not to leave gradually, it leaves too much opportunity for them to challenge or question. If there are those you have a good relationship and you want to maintain a relationship then tell them specifically "we are leaving because the Lord has led us elsewhere." And let them know you still want to gather for meals, movies, etc.

Some might care that you leave but unfortunately a lot womt say or do much and that's really unfortunate.
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