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Default How do you leave without making a scene?

After reading Jo Casteel's open letter and going down the rabbit hole of research into the LC, my husband and I have decided that we would like to leave the LC. We want to do this as quietly as possible, but need advice on how to go about it from those who have done this before.

We both currently serve in a couple different capacities on Sundays and host a small group in our home about once a month.

In order to stop coming to the Sunday meetings, we'd have to announce to our service teams that we can no longer help out. We feel like that's just going to lead to more questions (i.e. why can't you serve?), or people reaching out to "shepherd" us (which is currently the last thing we want).

We really don't have the desire to explain why we want to leave to everyone in the church and be labelled as "negative" or "poisoned".

We've considered moving to a nearby city that's just far enough that we'd have an excuse as to why we can no longer serve, but that won't be possible for another 6 months or so. We don't really feel like we can stomach 6 more months of the LC.

Our current landlord is actually a brother in the LC and we don't want to get evicted before we can afford to move if word gets out that we are "negative". (Not saying this person would straight up evict us, but you never know).

We really love our small group and don't want to hurt them. If we announce how we feel about the LC and our desire to leave to them, most if not all of them will be pretty devastated. We'd love to keep those relationships, but know that might not be possible.

We're a young couple and we want to start fresh. We still love the Lord and His people, but feel He's calling us out from the LC.

Would love to hear some advice from you all. Thank you.
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